About Us

Golpo Khuro is a bengali audio series platform . The company was built with a vision to redefine entertainment space with an audio-first approach, and the idea was seeded when audio was a non-existent category.

We pride ourselves in embedding the storytelling elements with a layer of content personalisation in the longer format . Today, we have emerged as the preferred digital audio destination for a refined storytelling experience with the audio-series format, riding on our diverse and engaging content.

With our unique storytelling approach, we have breathed new life into audio storytelling, reviving it as a mainstream entertainment format and unearthing unique and unheard stories across the world for our listeners. Today, we are building the most extensive repository of audio content on our platform.

We have consistently expanded its content diversity and added new Bengali story series to keep its listeners tuned in. The company has been aggressively focusing on building a universe of entertainment, including Bengali comedy stories, romantic stories, adventure stories, kids stories, detective stories, suspense stories, horror stories, thriller stories, emotional love stories, etc.