The vision of Golpo Khuro : - 

Dear friends, Golpo Khuro is an audio platform where you can listen to bengali audio books and relish your spare time with the stories of new writers or with the classic stories of famous writers worldwide. 

In this busy life, many people can’t manage their time to go to the shop for buying the books. Many people have a little space in their rooms to make a big cabinet of books. So, Golpo Khuro has come up with a solution to these problems. You may install the Golpo Khuro app on your mobile from the Google play store. Then you can listen to the bengali stories in this platform. So, you can carry the library of your books on your mobile phone. 

Opportunity for New Writers : - 

So many new writers are very talented with their writing skills. They write stories, novels and nurture a dream to publish them. They look for publishers at first. After knocking the doors from one publisher to other, if any publisher agrees to publish the book the writer becomes impressed with him. It is very difficult to find a publisher for a new writer. Here, Golpo Khuro wants to be a friend for the new writers. We have so many choices for a new writer in this audio platform. 

Self Publication for new writers : -

If any writer wants to publish his book in audio book format we can help him. He has to send the MS Word file of his story to us to the mail id [email protected] . Name of the writer, contact number and address must be given at the end of the story. We shall prepare the audio book for him with minimal expense. Then the audio book will be sold from our platform. Writer will decide the price of the book. After deducting the Govt. taxes and other charges, the writer will get the remaining amount of the price of the audio book. Golpo Khuro will only charge a minimum commission for using its platform. In this self publication process the writer is the publisher of his own book. Golpo Khuro will do its best for the marketing of this book by every possible means. So, it is our message to new writers that

Don’t give up the hope. Golpo Khuro will help you to become a writer. This Platform is yours’. 

Publication of book of new writers by Golpo Khuro: -

Golpo Khuro itself is a publication house for audiobooks. If any writer wants to publish his book and wants that Golpo Khuro will be its publisher then the writer has to send the MS Word file of his story to us to the mail id [email protected] . The name of the writer, contact number and address must be given at the end of the story. Golpo Khuro will send you the system-generated acknowledgement through e-mail and message. After that, the editing team of Golpo Khuro will read your story. If they find it fit for publication then Golpo Khuro will publish the audiobook on its platform. The writer will not bear any single penny for this publication. Golpo Khuro will bear the total expense and responsibility for this publication. Writer will get the royalty according to the sale of his book on this platform. 

Opportunity for other publishers : -

It is well known to all persons in the publishing industry that it is the need of time to prepare the audio books. Today, the persons from eight to eighty years of age prefer to listen audio stories. Though there are so many publishers who cannot prepare audio books due to lack of infrastructure or for some other issues. We, the team of Golpo Khuro, want to stretch our helping hand to these publishers. We can prepare the audio format of your books in minimum cost and we are offering our platform for sale of your audio books. So, don’t miss the opportunity. This platform is yours.